Liposuction in Santa Barbara, CA

Liposuction in Santa Barbara, CA

Exercise and diet usually are often what most people need to maintain a physically fit appearance; however, some have pockets of fat that seem resistant to all efforts. Sara Yegiyants, MD, FACS, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, performs liposuction on men and women living in and around Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Ventura, CA, along with the surrounding communities, who want a more contoured physique.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction involves using a long cannula to remove pockets of fat on areas of the body that do not respond to the most stringent diet and exercise regimens. Areas of the body where liposuction is performed include the thighs, hips and buttocks, abdomen and waist, upper arms, back, calves and ankles, inner knee, chest area, and neck. It is also done as preparation for cosmetic treatments and procedures that use the body’s own fat as a dermal filler for wrinkles as well as augmentation.

Why Choose Liposuction?

When someone wants to recontour areas of the body but is not a candidate for more extensive cosmetic surgeries, lipo is often the recommended procedure. Liposculpting lessens the number of fat cells in a targeted area to create a more attractive contour.

Who is a Good Candidate for Lipo?

Candidates for lipo maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a positive self-image even though there are areas of their bodies that do not react to their efforts. Liposuction is not an answer to weight loss rather it improves the contour of the body.

How is Liposuction Performed?

Liposculpting involves making a small incision in the targeted area then inserting a cannula under the skin to remove the excess fat. Once the fat is removed, the incision is sutured and bandaged followed by placing a compression garment around the area for support. The procedure may be performed under general or local anesthesia with sedation and takes about two hours to complete.

How is the Recovery from Liposuction?

The first few weeks following liposuction may come with some minor swelling and bruising. Limited activities are recommended for the first week following surgery although walking is recommended. The full recovery takes about three to four weeks to complete.

When Will I See the Results from Liposuction?

The results gradually become more visible as the area heals. Once the healing is complete, the results are long-term; however, any fat cells left behind can become bigger if a consistent diet and exercise regimen is not maintained.

Are there Non-Invasive Options?

Sara Yegiyants, MD, FACS offers a variety of non-surgical and non-invasive procedures to help tone your body and address unwanted fat. If you’re looking for a non-surgical and non-invasive body contouring procedure, SculpSure® may be the solution. SculpSure® is a non-invasive body contouring system for the reduction of stubborn fat.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Santa Barbara?

Liposuction varies in terms of cost based on the area of the body, the extent of the procedure and whether it is combined with other procedures. We discuss the cost with patients during the initial consultation along with our payment and financing options through Alphaeon® and CareCredit®.

If you live in or around Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, or Ventura, CA, and are looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon to address your cosmetic surgery needs, contact Sara Yegiyants, MD, FACS, in Santa Barbara, CA, today, to set up your complimentary consultation.